How Absences are Recorded

For record keeping purposes Attendance codes are used to document a student’s absence. Students are counted absent from each period that they are not in attendance. A student missing more than 15 minutes of any class will be counted as absent from that class. 

In order for any absence to be considered excused, written notification must be received within five days of the absence. Telephone calls will be noted, but DO NOT excuse a student’s absence.

Parent Link
Krimmel has implemented the automated calling system for ParentLink Attendance module. The new system will automatically generate phone calls to parents/guardians each school day by 1:10 p.m. if a student is absent from school. You will receive a phone call if you fail to call the Attendance Office to report your child's absence before the cut-off time (12:30 p.m.) on the day of the absence.

NOTE: All calls are made only to the primary phone number listed in our Student Information System. If you would like to update your primary phone number, please contact Robin Wilmes, Krimmel Registrar, at or *832) 375-7141.

The following will explain the most common codes used to describe a student’s absence and explains how it affects the denial of academic credit:

Parent Notification (E)
Students are permitted a maximum of nine (9) excused/extenuating circumstance absences per semester. Absences beyond nine (9) per semester will result in loss of academic credit. In order for an absence to qualify as excused/extenuating, the parent/guardian of the student must send a written note signed by the parent explaining the date(s) of the absence and the reason for the absence. This written notification must be received in the Attendance Office within five (5) days of the absence in order to be considered as excused/extenuating by the Campus Attendance Committee.

Telephone calls notifying us of an absence will be documented, but will not be considered excused until written notification is submitted.

Medical Excuses for Absences of an Entire Day (M)
If a student is absent for an entire day(s) and has seen a doctor, you should request a written note from the doctor to verify the date that the student was seen. This note should be submitted to the Attendance Office within five (5) days of the absence. Absences that are documented with medical notes are not counted as part of the nine (9) excused/extenuating absences.

Medical Absences for Part of Day (D)
We recognize that occasionally a student must seek medical/dental care during the school day. If the student is absent for only a portion of the day he/she may have that absence removed in any classes missed if he/she brings a doctor’s note to the Attendance Office within five (5) days of the appointment.

All notes received in the Attendance Office are time stamped upon receipt. Any excusal notes (Parent or Medical) received in the Attendance Office after the five day deadline will be noted in the Student Attendance Record, but will not be considered as excused. If you think that your child may not bring the note in a timely manner you may bring it in for him/her. Parents can also scan and email medical notes to or fax them to (832) 375-7209.

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